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Ultrasound therapy: say goodbye to pain and hello to healing

When you think of an ultrasound you might think of pregnancy and the wonderful tool used to capture images of a baby in a womb. But did you know there is a therapeutic use for ultrasound? It is commonly used by physiotherapists for therapy to treat chronic pain and soft tissue injuries.

Think ultrasound can help you? Let’s find out.

How does ultrasound therapy work?

The use of therapeutic ultrasound is not new. In fact, physiotherapists have been using it for several decades. The concept is similar to a diagnostic ultrasound (like that used in pregnancy), except therapeutic ultrasounds use sound waves and don’t produce images.

Gel is applied to a small probe to deliver high frequency ultrasonic sound waves that stimulate the tissue in the affected area.

The sound waves cause vibrations. The greater the vibrations (a higher frequency setting), the deeper the waves are able to penetrate into the tissue. This is particular helpful if the injury is chronic.

Why use ultrasound therapy?

Physiotherapists turn to ultrasound therapy because it is an effective form of treatment. It provides a deep heat to the affected tissues which stimulates blood circulation. And the increase in blood flow helps the body to heal.

The ultrasonic sound waves heal through cavitation – the formation of gas bubbles around the injury site – which speeds up healing.

This same deep heat has relaxation benefits that alleviates muscle spasms and reduces pain.

In short, ultrasound therapy is a popular choice because it is low risk, non-invasive and quick healing.

How you can benefit from ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy is used to remedy a range of injuries but is typically used to treat soft tissue injuries such as:

  • Sprains (ankle or wrist)
  • Strains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis

It is also ideal for injuries involving muscles, ligaments, cartilage and tendons.

Seek professional advice

While ultrasound therapy can improve your symptoms and heal many injuries, a consultation with a highly trained and experienced physiotherapist is always advised.

The New Age Physiotherapy team are available to discuss your injury and any medical conditions you may have before deciding whether ultrasound therapy will benefit you.

We can also discuss other physiotherapy treatment options and management strategies that will have you back to your normal self as quickly as possible.


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