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Physiotherapy FAQ's


All initial physiotherapy consultations are scheduled for 40 minutes. All follow-up physiotherapy consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition.


We accept HICAPS (On the spot private health fund claiming) cash, EFTPOS, VISA and MasterCard.


The amount of benefit that you may be entitled to from your private health insurer varies from person to person. You should contact your insurer for more information. However, the rebate can be around 50-75% of the consultation fees. Our Hicaps machine will lodge the claim for you on the spot with your health fund. This save you time from lodging the claim yourself with your fund.


Yes we do have HICAPS facilities which can be used to claim any private health insurance benefit at the time of consultation.

An initial physiotherapy consultation is for the assessment and treatment of any new complaint. That is, your first appointment with New Age Physiotherapy will be an initial consultation. Subsequent consultations for the same complaint will be follow-up (standard) physiotherapy consultations. If you present with a new complaint or there has been a significant lapse in time since your last consultation (i.e. greater than 3 months unless agreed upon by your physiotherapist), an initial physiotherapy consultation is required.

Our initial and standard physiotherapy consultations are based on the assessment and treatment of a single complaint. Should you have multiple complaints requiring assessment and treatment, you must advise us of this such that an extended period of time can be allocated to you. In the event of this, you will be charged for an extended physiotherapy consultation. Further details regarding extended physiotherapy consultations can be gained by contacting us 9606 8258 (Austral) or email: admin@australphysio.com.au


A referral for physiotherapy is only required if you are a workers compensation, compulsory third party, DVA or Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)eligible patient. However, A referral is NOT required for any private patients as your Physiotherapist are primary allied health professions.

Medicare Australia provides a subsidy for up to 5 sessions of physiotherapy consultations for people who meet specific criteria relating to chronic conditions i.e. EPC scheme and chronic pain over 6 months. You must have a referral from a doctor to be eligible for these services. If you feel that you may be eligible for these services, please discuss this matter with your doctor. Medicare Australia does not cover the full cost physiotherapy and will incur a GAP fee of $20 per initial session and $10 for follow up sessions.


We request that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to ensure that all necessary forms have been completed and any referrals or scan results can be scanned into our system. This is to ensure that you get seen on time.


– Patient registration form – this will have been emailed to you or can be found at the top of this page and must be brought with you unless you have returned this prior to your appointment.

– Doctor’s referral (If you have one). This is essential for workers compensation, compulsory third party, DVA and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) eligible patients.

– Any scans relating to your presenting complaint (e.g. x-rays, CT, MRI or ultrasounds).

– Claim number and insurer details (workers compensation and compulsory third party patients only).

It is important that our physiotherapists are able to visualise the body area for which you have sought consultation. Please bare this in mind with what clothing you wear to your consultation. For lower limb complaints it is appropriate to wear shorts or equivalent. For shoulder or neck complaints, female patients should wear a singlet top or equivalent. Towels will be provided for draping. It may also be important for your physiotherapist to assess any footwear that may be contributing to your complaint (e.g. work shoes, runners or other sports shoes), so bring these with you.


We reserve appointment slots on a Monday morning for those who may have incurred an injury over the weekend, such that you can get an early professional assessment, diagnosis and commence treatment. You can make an appointment for Monday morning by call 02 98211533 (Liverpool) 02 9606 8258 (Austral) or email: admin@newagephysio.com.au or submit a online enquiry with your clinic of your choice.

Note: If you have sustained a serious injury, please attend your local hospital emergency department.

New Age Physiotherapy has a policy that any patient under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for medicolegal, privacy and confidentiality reasons. Informed consent for patients under the age of 16 must be gained from both the patient and the parent/guardian.


If you need to change an existing appointment, please contact us on 02 9606 8258 (Austral) or as soon as possible to make appropriate arrangements.

Yes. Our physiotherapists set aside individualised time for your appointments, which can be difficult to fill if patients cancel without much prior warning. Consequently, patients who fail to turn up to their appointment or cancel within 8 hours on the day of their appointment will be charged a fee of $70.00.


We value your feedback at Austral New Age Physiotherapy feel free to submit a feedback form online. We are always happy to receive feedback to allow us to better our services for our patients care.


Yes. Free parking at Austral is available onsite.

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