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Physiotherapy Services in Sydney

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy services are an integral component of physical healing from any type of physical injury. Whether it’s a workplace injury, sports injury, car accident injury, degenerative condition or just aches and pains then New Age Physiotherapy services can provide you with a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, education and treatment for all body parts. A detail assessment will initially be conducted to identify the exact location and nature of the injury. We cover everything on physio treatments from lower back injury,sports injuries in general, hamstring injuries, shoulder injuries, ACL injury and so on. Check out our services offered.

Once the injury has been identified it is important that you understand what is happening and what you can do to best help your injury to improve as quick as possible. Your physiotherapist will then explain your course of treatment. Therefore you will be educated about your injury, activities to avoid, the likely recovery time and specific exercises to help facilitate your recovery. We also specialise in post operative physiotherapy and spinal decompression services

At New Age Physiotherapy the physiotherapists are APA members and work-cover accredited hence we undertake regular ongoing education for continual improvement of their skills and knowledge. This means that you can be confident that you will be given up to date information about your injury and that the treatment techniques implemented will adhere to the principles of evidence based practice. It’s what responsible care is when it comes to proper physiotherapy services.

Are you a highly active athlete ? Do you play sports ? Are you into athletic activities ? Are you a hockey player, body builder,soccer player, basketball, MMA fighter or tennis player ?

New Age Physio cater to all sports injuries when it comes to sporting injuries and have the latest technology and best physiotherapists for all sporting injuries in Sydney.

Looking for an MMA Physiotherapist in Sydney ? Sports or MMA physiotherapy is a specialised level of physio which requires expert physio’s who have been in the practice of sports physiotherapy for many years and hold only the best in knowledge with natural healing and injury recovery from all manner of sports injuries including full contact sports, like mixed martial arts.

At New Age Physiotherapy, we understand MMA fighters and the training you put in day to day to get results you want and understand that when it comes to physio for MMA, you only want the best from your physiotherapist.

We are the best MMA physio in Sydney and are fully prepared always, with everything you need before any title fight you are pursuing, we are the MMA fight preparation and after fight experts in dealing with and recovering from injury. We posses a wealth of knowledge and operate one of the best MMA physio centres with the latest equipment for treating sports injury, and pre-fight preparation physio

We have Sydney’s only “One Fighting Championship Physiotherapist’s at New Age Physiotherapy who is working closely to with “One Championship” Fighter Martin Nguyen first-ever two-division titleholder in ONE Championship history.

Looking for some decent and highly experienced back physiotherapy specialists ? Not only are we recocnised as Sydney’s best physiotherapists but we are also highly involved with all aspects of sports injury physiotherapy as well when it comes to back physiotherapy or sports related injuries. It’s what physiotherapy services should be all about.

Looking for acupuncture in Sydney ? Acupuncture treatments or dry needling is one of the oldest recorded forms of natural medical treatment history known, with acupuncture benefits having been used in China for over 3000 years for relieving pain, muscle aches or pressure from joint or in the body in general.

Looking for a pilates studio ? The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century in Germany. These days, Clinical Pilates is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of effectively treating a variety of injuries, particularly those of the neck and back.

Structured physical activity or exercise therapy is a popular pursuit amongst older persons and can be of considerable benefit given the physical declines associated with ageing. The following section is intended to provide accurate, practical information regarding the adoption and continuation of physical activity and its importance to older persons.

Active Muscle Release Techniques (ART) is a highly advanced and specific treatment method for soft tissue injuries, nerve entrapment, and decreased/limited range of motion and flexibility.

What is a disc bulge? Disc budges refer to a spinal injury, that can occur in the cervical (neck), thoracic (midback) or lumbar (lowerback). The disc is described the same way as a fluid filled sac in between each intervertebral joint, that has an outer part (annulus fibrosis) and an inner part (nucleus propolsus).

The Gait scan is a type of technology our qualified Physiotherapists use at New age Physiotherapy to analyse foot function.

You will walk over a pressure-sensitive platform which is capable of assessing and showing in graphical detail the weight and pressure distribution of each foot that stood on or walked over the mat.

Our Sydney Physiotherapists are now certified with the FMS level 1 and 2 qualifications. Which means all clients now have access functional testing screen to highlight movement dysfunction as well deploying the latest rehabilitation exercises to help get “move well.” “Move often”

Need a low or cold laser therapy specialist in Sydney ? New Age Physio is keeping up with the latest innovations in providing leading edge treatment solutions which is now available at New Age Physiotherapy – Austral. New Age physiotherapy are proud to be the first physio in area to introduce low level laser therapy treatments into their clinic. 

Our Sydney fracture clinic provides you with Doctors/GP’s who are available onsite at our New Age Physiotherapy Centre. You can get your injuries assessed immediately by our onsite GP whether you have suffered a fall or accident that has resulted in broken bones. Our fracture clinic can manage arm fractures, wrist fractures, hand fractures, finger fractures and leg fractures. 

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of disease. Not all physiotherapy clinics offer this service but we do at Newage Physio. The use of water for therapy has been around for hundreds of years, as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans, and forms an integral part in many traditional medicine systems. Learn why it is so beneficial for your health.

Massage therapy is an effective treatment option for patients suffering chronic pain, stress and muscular tension .it can also assist athletics recovering from serious sporting injuries or accidents to office workers with chronic shoulder and neck tension. It is the most relaxing approach in providing long-term relief from muscular tension associated with lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and tension headaches. So whether you’re feeling tight,run down, fatigued from clocking up the hours at work, lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day, on the road to recovery from an injury is just a phone call away. Health Fund rebates are available for most health funds, and all of our therapists are APA member and WorkCover accredited therapist

Orthotics are specially designed devices that are worn inside the shoe to control abnormal foot function and/or accommodate painful areas of the foot. Properly designed foot orthotics may compensate for impaired foot function, by controlling abnormal motion across the joints of the foot. This may result in dramatic improvement in foot symptoms. Functional foot orthotics are usually made from rigid materials, especially plastics and carbon-fibre composites. They are constructed upon a plaster impression of the feet, and modified based on the podiatrist’s/physiotherapist’s evaluation of your problem. They are normally quite comfortable, and do not feel hard or uncomfortable in the shoe.

Pilates is a body conditioning program which focuses on developing controlled and balanced movement. It was first conceived in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, and incorporates exercising with spring-loaded equipment in functional movement patterns. Pilates teaches the body to work utilising a stable low-back and pelvis region, allowing you to move with greater efficiency, and with overall improved body mechanics.

Spinal Decompression Therapy also known as Mechanical Traction. Spinal Decompression Physio is a non invasive traction therapy that provides a linear force on the body to create a negative pressure andSpinal Decompression Therapy facilitate realignment of the disc. Mechanical Traction is safe and effective without the normal risks associated with invasive procedures such as injections, anesthesia or surgery.

At New Age Physiotherapy, we’ll happily assist you in your post operative physiotherapy care. We work closely with Sydney best Orthopadic Surgeons and we have the latest post-operative physiotherapy protocols. We’ll happily liaise with your surgeon to determine any specific requirements based on your individual surgery.

What Does Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment Do ?

Proven to reduce pain by 72.1%. 

Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy significantly improves pain, function, and quality of life compared with placebo in patients with plantar fasciitis. One of our unique service at our Sydney physiotherapy

Read the study:

How does it work?

Set burst of mechanical energy waves is delivered to the site of injury which then promotes rapid blood flow that stimulates the healing process to occur.

It also can also flush away inflammation at the site of injury which reduces your pain immediately.


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What our patients have to say about us

Maria Brancato
Maria Brancato
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Nestor was very professional when treating my daughter for the first time for scoliosis. He explained everything about her condition and treatment in detail and made her feel very comfortable.
Jelena Milosevic
Jelena Milosevic
Read More
Definitely would recommend New Age Physio to anyone! Nestor is an experienced professional who knew exactly how to treat my condition, even after one session I feel as though I’m improving in mobility.
Elizabeth Noney
Elizabeth Noney
Read More
I walked in barely being able to move my back. After one massage with Jason I had considerably less pain and was able to move so much more freely. The stretches and exercises he gave me helped rebuild my back strength.
Veronique Ta
Veronique Ta
Read More
Austral New Age Physiotherapy was recommended to me by a friend. I was able to get an appointment straight away. I saw Dejan who was extremely professional and made me feel comfortable.
Read More
First time visiting new age physiotherapy, had Dejan look after me, explained everything thoroughly, gave me pointers for gym and my training. Was very helpful. Definitely would recommend to others.
kim Todd
kim Todd
Read More
Always friendly, professional and knowledgeable team. Has helped my child on more than one occasion after seeing Jason and Rachel. Highly recommend for all physio needs .

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