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Active Muscles Release Therapy

Active Muscle Release Therapy Now Available at New Age Physiotherapy

active release techniques

What Is Active Muscle Release Technique

Active Muscle Release Techniques (ART) is a highly advanced and specific treatment method for soft tissue injuries, nerve entrapment, and decreased/limited range of motion and flexibility.

What does Active Muscle Release Technique Involve?

What Is Active Muscle Release Technique Used For?

Active muscle Release Techniques is used to release scar tissue or adhesions in the muscle and/or fascia (the smooth connective tissue covering of a muscle) that have accumulated over time due to injury or overuse.


What Complications Can Adhesions Cause?

Adhesions prevent normal and smooth movement of the tissues with their surrounding structures, inducing a number of problems such as chronic inflammation and hypoxia (low oxygen), pain, fluid accumulation, joint stress and nerve entrapment.

What Benefits Can Active Muscle Release Technique Provide?

Patients treated with ART typically respond rapidly with decreased pain and increased function, flexibility and mobility.


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