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282 Edmondson Ave Austral, NSW, 2179

Fracture & Plaster Casting Clinic in Sydney

Fracture Clinic Services Sydney

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Doctors / GP's Available on site

Our Sydney fracture clinic provides you with Doctors/GP’s who are available onsite at our New Age Physiotherapy Centre. You can get your injuries assessed immediately by our onsite GP whether you have suffered a fall or accident that has resulted in broken bones. Our fracture clinic can manage arm fractures, wrist fractures, hand fractures, finger fractures and leg fractures. Our doctors will send you for an immediate X-ray to determine the most effective management for your injury. Once determined your physiotherapist can apply any plastering or casting that may be required. No more waiting for countless hours at the Emergency Department.

Fibreglass / Plaster casting and splinting service

We apply and remove casts. Fibreglass casting is the most desirable type of cast for individuals who have a fracture. Fibreglass is lighter than plaster and is also able to get wet. Splinting is thermoplastic material designed to be heated and moulded to any desired shape. It is used to support a joint, especially whilst a ligament is recovering. This type of splint can be removed and re-applied as often as required at our Sydney physiotherapy clinic.

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