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How Physiotherapy can help during and after pregnancy

With pregnancy comes great joy but it also brings pelvic griddle pain and urinary stress incontinence. You don’t have to suffer through the pain. As your baby and uterus grow, it’s quite common to experience some pain and discomfort as well as changes in your hormonal profile. Treatment with a specialist physiotherapist can help significantly improve pain during pregnancy.

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How Physiotherapy can help during and after pregnancy

Pregnancy and incontinence​

Do you find yourself rushing to the toilet or leaking urine when you sneeze or cough? Urinary incontinence during pregnancy is common but it shouldn’t be ignored. The increasing pressure of the uterus on your bladder means there is less room for urine storage and causes you to feel the need to go. Research suggests women who experience urinary stress incontinence during pregnancy or within six weeks after having their baby can continue to experience symptoms up to five years later.

Physiotherapy treatment offers an effective way to prevent urinary incontinence through exercise.


The benefits of physiotherapy during pregnancy

Our New Age physiotherapists can design an exercise treatment program to strengthen your muscles and prevent the occurrence of urinary incontinence. And we work with you to ensure the exercises are being conducted correctly.

Our exercise program can include:

  • Activating the correct muscles for a suitable length of time to maintain a strong pelvic floor through your pregnancy and beyond
  • Pilates based pelvic stability exercises to strengthen the support muscles of the pelvis and ease the pressure on the pelvic floor

Sometimes an internal assessment may not be appropriate whilst you are pregnant so our team instead assess the muscles of your abdomen and pelvis to effectively highlight any issues and treat the pelvic floor.

Experiencing back pain during pregnancy? You’re not alone

One in three women experience lower back pain during pregnancy and one in five experience pelvic griddle pain. This is often a result of the hormones such as Relaxin and Oestrogen loosening the ligaments that support your pelvis. Your pelvis bones and sacrum slot together like a loose puzzle or a ‘door frame’ and it relies on the ligaments and muscles to provide joint stability.

In pregnancy, the extra strain on these ligaments can cause pain and movement dysfunction. In such conditions, the muscles supporting these ligaments become extra important in providing stability and control.

Occasionally problems arise with the ‘door frame’ and other times with the muscles or soft tissue.

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Treat your pelvic pain and back pain with physiotherapy

There is increasing evidence that supports physiotherapy to resolve and manage pregnancy related problems including pelvic pain and back pain.
Treatments you may be offered at New Age Physiotherapy include:

  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Connective tissue release of the abdomen, back, hips and pelvis
  • Tuition of Pilates based pelvic stability exercises
  • Advice on sleeping positions, exercise and movement

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