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tis the season for mishaps how to stay injury free over christmas

Tis the season for mishaps: how to stay injury free over Christmas

Christmas may well be the season for joy and family gatherings but, be warned: this most wonderful time of the year is also a magnet for accidents and injuries. Find out what are the common risks that can spoil your festive cheer and what you can do to avoid the strains and sprains.

There is a reason why it’s called the ‘silly season’

Covid-19 has kept many of us apart for too long and now we’re eager to reunite with family over Christmas. But as you busy yourself in preparation for the perfect festive bash, here are some yuletide pitfalls that can throw your get-together into disarray.

  • Don’t shrug off the shoulder pain. If you’ve been shopping up a storm, carrying all those bags of groceries and Christmas gifts can cause your shoulders grief. If you’re feeling pain at the front or top of the shoulder or if the pain makes using your arm difficult, shoulder injury physio can put an end to the pain and discomfort.
  • Don’t end up on your back sprucing up the house and garden. Prepping the house and outdoors can take a toll on your back. Before you know it, you can’t stand up straight. Back physiotherapy, which focusses on targeted gentle exercises, can improve lower back pain and offer quick relief.
  • Don’t play real life snakes and ladders. Falls from ladders is serious business. Whether you’re putting up or taking down decorations, ladder related injuries such as bone fractures can result in long periods of physio rehabilitation. Take the right precautions (place the ladder on even ground, wear non-slip shoes, make sure someone is home with you) and follow the safety warnings.
  • Don’t let your road trip ruin your posture. Are you planning on driving long distances to visit family or friends (or just because we can now that restrictions have eased)? Pay careful attention to your driving posture to avoid arriving stiff and sore. Take regular breaks to avoid neck pain, upper and lower back pain and shoulder pain.

What happens when schedules and routines fall by the wayside?

One of the perks of Christmas is taking time out for some R&R. We’re all guilty of breaking normal routines over the festive period – and that can include our fitness regimes. But it’s important to maintain some level of physical activity to keep you feeling energised and keep those extra Christmas kilos at bay.

And while our New Year’s resolutions inevitably include promises to exercise more, be careful not to go too hard too soon. Start slowly and build up is the best way to avoid injury. An exercise physio specialists can help you improve your mobility, fitness and overall health.

Helping you with your holiday aches and pains

We hope your festive season is mishap free. But should you sustain an unexpected Christmas injury, New Age Physiotherapy is available to treat a range of injuries. Our office will reopen in 2022 from January 4 when we will continue to offer emergency physiotherapy appointments for those untimely misadventures.

Merry Christmas!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our patients a happy and healthy Christmas. Thank you for entrusting our team with your physiotherapy care. We hope you enjoy spending the festive season with loved ones and encourage you to stay active – and safe!

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