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Looking for a posture correction physiotherapy clinic or centre in your local area ? Here at New Age Physio, we are not just any physiotherapy clinic in Sydney but specialise in many facets of natural healing using our physio skills to heal muscular, joint and corrective therapy treatments. If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or constant body pain that is not from a work related or sports injury, your body posture could have very much to do with it. A typical example of this is the image to the left. Slouching over a long period time like this will cause consistent pain that is ongoing. In the most serious cases, a back brace or posture corrector may be required in the beginning treatments. A posture brace is an effective tool to help patients change bad posture habits.

A good posture is more important than what most people may consider it is. It centers your body weight over your feet preventing fatigue because your muscles are being used correctly, helps you to keep balance, keeps your bones and joints in the right alignment, protects your spine, and prevents muscular pain. Besides all that, you are going to look better when standing or sitting down.

A good posture involves keeping the knees, ankles, hips, spine, shoulders, and head symmetrically on top of another as well as an equal balance on the left and right sides of the body to assure that your body is in balance and working efficiently.

An incorrect posture leads to other complications. The most common one is a lack of muscle strength, specifically of the core muscles which are the muscles of your back, your pelvis, and buttocks that are in charge of keeping in balance your upper and lower body.

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Health Complications of a Poor Posture

A poor posture doesn’t only affect your appearance, it comes with complications that will affect your wellness and overall health. A poor posture can lead to muscular imbalances, protruding belly, neck pain, rounded shoulders, headaches, muscle fatigue, general body aches, muscular strain, and your cartilage will degenerate painfully.

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How Can Physiotherapists Help with Restoring Posture ?

The hardest part of correcting the posture is being aware that we are doing it wrong. Harmful habits like slouching in a chair or leaning on 1 leg become part of our daily life without being aware of how harmful they can cause, and sometimes the first visit to the professional happens too late when the first signs of complications start to appear.

The physiotherapist is a professional that will evaluate your current posture, the effects it has on your body and increases your level of consciousness to detect current habits that are making you develop a poor posture. If a support device or brace is needed, the physiotherapist will let you know and determine which device is adequate to correct your posture.

In cases where the poor posture is not severe, the physiotherapist will focus on strengthening your muscles, improving your balance and correcting the way you sit, stand, and walk. If you are experiencing any of the complications of a poor posture like muscle pain or general body aches, the expert will know how to improve those lesions and the right techniques or massages to improve your posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Posture Correction involves different techniques and exercises to help you achieve the right posture. It focuses on these features:

  • Normal Joint Range of Motion: Involves loosening stiff spinal joints in order to help you achieve a good alignment.
  • Normal Muscle Length: Your muscles need to be stretched and relaxed.
  • Muscle Strength: The core muscles have to be strong in order to pull you into the right posture.
  • Muscle Endurance: This will assure that you’ll be able to maintain a good posture for a long time.
  • Nerve Extensibility: The neural tissue needs to have enough length in order to allow you the right posture.
  • Correcting your Posture: Looking at the way you sit, walk, and stand to correct the harmful habits of posture.
  • Increasing your Level of Consciousness: To make you become more aware of your body and detect the incorrect postures easily.

Correcting posture is a job that requires a highly experienced physiotherapist, discipline, high levels of awareness, and the right techniques in order to achieve it. With the right group of specialists that evaluate your case and determine the best way and techniques to correct your posture, it is possible to stop the degenerative effects of bad posture and keep your posture in alignment to maintain a healthy and stable body.

A right posture relieves pain in muscles and joints and also  improves your appearance and projects confidence, but it also provides health benefits for your body. It assures that your muscles are being used properly, prevents general body aches, maintains your spine in the right position to prevent it from becoming fixed in abnormal positions, and decreases the stress on the ligaments.

You need to see physiotherapists who are the right experts to see if you are looking to improve your posture. Physiotherapists can provide you with a personalized treatment according to your posture style and the condition of your body as well as help you with any complication of a poor posture. Physio’s will provide you the right techniques and massage therapy.

Yes it does. Just as it is important to exercise and eat healthily, it is important to keep the right posture. Correcting your posture is going to increase your self-esteem and confidence, making you have a better Image. It is going to reduce the pain on your back and neck, prevent the risk of injuries, prevent fatigue and keep your body in balance.

Excluding certain severe cases in which the patient will need a device or brace in order to correct the posture, the posture correction therapy is a successful way to avoid habits of a poor posture and  health complications that come with it. With the right professional and the right techniques, posture correction therapy is one of the best ways to keep your posture in alignment.

The right exercises and techniques to correct your posture don’t have to hurt but this also depends on the severity. Certain therapies include massages that will provide you a relaxing moment, others can be a little painful in the beginning but this reduces with each treatment as posture over time is corrected. It is more painful to continue with poor habits like slouching when sitting or leaning on 1 leg than correcting your posture.

Yes, it can make you look taller. Posture correction therapy won’t make your bones or muscles grow but it does make you look taller. A poor posture makes you look insecure and certain habits like slouching will make you appear shorter than what you really are. Posture correction will allow you to look stronger, taller, and more secure.

Although we may be located in Austral NSW, we really are the best posture correction therapy clinic in Sydney. It will be worth the drive to come visit, and talk to one of our highly trained physiotherapists about how we can help alleviate and get rid of pain from bad posture. Whether we use a posture brace as part of your treatment or just structure a treatment with an evidence based examination, you can bet your bottom dollar you will see the back of bad posture with the right posture correction therapy treatment. Visit our physiotherapy clinic today, or call us on 9606 8258 for your posture correction treatment


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