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When to begin physiotherapy after a bone fracture

When you break a bone, it’s like hitting pause on your usual routine. Once the initial shock of the injury subsides, the pressing question is: when can you press play again? The good news is, starting physiotherapy early can pave the way for a smoother and more effective recovery journey. So let’s explore when you should start physio after a fracture.

When to start physio after a fracture?

The general consensus is the sooner the better. Why? Because physiotherapy stimulates blood circulation, which accelerates healing by supplying essential nutrients to the injured area. It can also help prevent complications like muscle mass loss and joint stiffness which can occur as a result of prolonged immobilisation.

The exact timing of when you should start physiotherapy may depend on the type and severity of the fracture, as well as your overall health. In many cases, this may be as soon as the fracture has been immobilised either by way of a cast, sling, splint or surgical intervention.

What if I’ve sustained a fracture playing sport?

The answer to when you should start sports injury physio after a sports fracture is still the same – the sooner the better. Once the initial phase of healing is done and your fracture is stable, it’s time to consult your physiotherapist on a plan to get you back into the game stronger than ever.

Physiotherapists can customise exercises to suit your sport, focussing on your healing and building strength and flexibility so you can get back to playing safely and at your best.

What other benefits are there to physio post fracture?

Fractures often bring with them a significant amount of pain. Physiotherapy treatments including targeted exercises and manual therapy can alleviate this pain.

Physiotherapy interventions like stretching exercises and joint mobilisation can also help restore flexibility and prevent long-term limitations in movement. And exercises that progressively build muscle strength can also aid in overall function recovery.

Why physio is more than just healing the fracture

Physiotherapy is also about promoting overall well-being, and this includes your mental health. Tailored exercises and support not only restores physical function but also boosts your confidence and contributes to a positive and empowering mindset during the healing journey. This holistic approach ensures the bone is mended but also fosters resilience and a balanced well-being.

Tailoring physio to your needs

Physiotherapy is one way you can empower your own recovery. A skilled physiotherapist will customise a physio plan that addresses your specific needs and goals as well as monitor your progress and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

This personalised approach enhances the effectiveness of physiotherapy and promotes a comprehensive and sustainable recovery.

New Age Physiotherapy – your ally in fracture healing

As you navigate the challenges of healing from a fracture, embrace the benefits of early physiotherapy as an essential component for a more robust and complete recovery. Our team of skilled physiotherapists at our physio Bonnyrigg will work with you to restore optimal physical function and set the stage for a renewed and active life.

If you’re concerned about how soon is too soon to start physio after a fracture, give our team a call and we’ll help guide you through the process and ensure a smooth path towards a strong recovery.

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