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282 Edmondson Ave Austral, NSW, 2179

Harrington Park Physiotherapy

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Professionals that come with the test of time and most technologically advanced equipment for the fastest and safest methods in healing your injury, whether it s work related or a sports injury.

We have to be when we are the leading sports injury clinic in Sydney. We are the best physiotherapists for back injury, shoulder injury, hamstring injury, quad injury and more. Being the best Harrington Park sports injury clinic that you can find, we can have you back on field or the ring in no time.

Have you been looking for physio clinics in Harrington Park 2567 ? We can help with acute pain, electrotherapy, shockwave modality, pain, soft tissue injuriescartilage damage, arthritis, gait disorders, patient education, physical examination and physical impairments and provide the best possible treatments and solutions to the quickest possible healing from injuries like this when you deal with Harrington park physiotherapy

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Our Promise To Deliver On Your Requirements

We can promise you that we are probably the best Physio clinic in the area providing all services such as sports injury specialists for muscle strain sports injuries and anything to do with sports injuries or even post operative physiotherapy ranging from massage, gaitscan treatment,hydrotherapy and more. We are only 5-20 minutes away from suburbs such as BringellyWest HoxtonKemps CreekCasula, Hinchinbrook, PrestonsOran ParkCampbelltownRossmore Physio, Green Valley, Badgerys Creek, and other suburbs.

Where Is Our Sports Injury Clinic Located ?

New Age are located just 10 – 15 minutes from Harrington Park traveling up fifteenth Ave towards Austral. Please believe us, the drive will be worth your experience by our caring and friendly specialists. We are not just a sports injury clinic but cater to all clients suffering from pain. Our talented team of Physiotherapists are all Australian registered and trained in specific assessment techniques to find the cause of your symptoms, work on a resolution plan of treatment and cure your injury which in turn ends the pain and suffering.

How Can Our Structured Treatments Help You Recover ?

Our same day treatment techniques focus on innovative hands on treatment combined with tailored exercise programs to address your problem areas. We understand that maintaining good physical health often depends upon many factors and our clinic specialists use a variety of therapies to achieve lasting improvements in your health.

Always in Communication With Your Physician

At New Age we believe that you will get the best results with a Team of Professionals working together. Our specialists have the knowledge to give you the best treatment and focus on lasting change. We work closely with your Doctor Or Specialists to make sure your program is working for you. Looking for Harrington Park Physiotherapy ? Call Us to find out how our clinic can help you today.


New age take a hands on approach to your healing. We dedicate time to you and your injury and use specific manual techniques to improve movement, relieve pain and correct dysfunction. We have all the latest proven medical device to assist with your healing. Nobody is equipped with technology and the best physiotherapists in Sydney like New Age

Injury Specialists That Also Provide Same Day Appointments

It is our job and commitment to ensure you get your problem assessed as quickly as possible with the best expert in sports injury and workcover and be treated the same day. Once your injury has been assessed by one of our treating professionals, a detailed treatment will be provided to get you back to things you enjoy most pain free.

How can we help you with your injury and healing?​

New Age is about using an integrated and evidence based approach to achieve results. A consultation involves the use of whatever technique is required to achieve lasting health including:

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