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Wishing you an injury-free Christmas – but we’re here if you need us

If there’s one thing you don’t want to happen over the festive season, it’s to suffer an injury. In the mad scramble to prep for Christmas, it’s easy to succumb to neck or back pain – or for an old injury to rear its head again.

We hope you stay healthy and injury-free this Christmas. But if it happens that you say ‘oh no’ instead of ‘ho ho’, our emergency physiotherapy service is available.

Despite good intentions, injuries happen

Postural issues affect many of us all year round. But those neck and shoulder aches can really creep up on you when you’re lugging heavy bags of Christmas shopping or driving long distances.

The stress of Christmas can also trigger a headache or migraine while strains and sprains are among the most common Christmas related injuries.

If you do sustain an acute musculoskeletal injury and need to reduce pain and inflammation quickly, we’re available for emergency physiotherapy treatment.

Keep safe this holiday season

If you’re hurting, don’t ignore the pain. Christmas might be reason to postpone treatment but often this means your injury may worsen.

The sooner you can start treatment, the speedier your recovery.

Our emergency physiotherapists will assess your condition and provide treatment to relieve the pain and discomfort fast.

Wishing you a safe & merry holiday season

We’d like to thank all our loyal clients who have entrusted our team with their health care needs this year.

Our clinic will be closed from December 25 and we will reopen on January 3, 2023.

Stay injury free, remember to mind your posture and get plenty of rest over the silly season.

And if you experience pain or injury, call 9606 8258.

Our emergency physiotherapy service is available 24 hours on Christmas Day and public holidays.

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