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Stuck in Covid isolation? These exercises will help you survive quarantine

It might be a new year but with Covid-19 still dominating the headlines, you can be excused for feeling a bit meh. Whether you’re isolating because you’ve contracted the virus or you’re a close contact, being holed up in quarantine can take a toll on your musculoskeletal system.

Fortunately, enforced isolation doesn’t have to drag you – or your health – down. We have some simple home exercises that will help get you through lockdown and reduce those pesky Covid symptoms.

The consequences of Covid confinement on your body

Covid iso can be a real pain in the neck, quite literally. Tension in the muscles around the neck as well as headaches are a sure sign of being cooped up in bed recovering or spending too much time in one position.

A good pillow will go a long way to keeping your neck comfortable and supported. Your physiotherapist can help you find the right one. Rehydrate with water to keep headaches at bay, apply a heat pack or gently massage the muscles using a heat cream.

You could also try some of these simple head, neck and shoulder exercises:





Just breathe

Similar to other respiratory infections, a cough, shortness of breath or chest tension are common Covid symptoms. Respiratory exercises can help make breathing easier. They will help slow down your heart rate, activate your parasympathetic nervous system and allow your normal breath to return.

If you’re suffering from a chesty cough, these exercises can help expel the phlegm and clear the airways:



Isolation can be lonely

It’s important to manage physical Covid symptoms such as aches and pains. It’s also critical to tend to your mental health.

Minimise the impact of isolation by maintaining a routine, eating well, and being mentally active. Ward off the boredom with some guilt-free TV binging, listen to a stimulating podcast, or read a book. Pick up the phone or organise a video chat to bridge the social divide.

We’re just a phone call away

Covid has prompted health professionals to deliver an alternative method of health care – telehealth. This means speciality care is just a phone or video call away. New Age Physiotherapy offers online video conference appointments to keep your health on track while you’re isolating.

We can discuss your injury, offer professional advice, and tailor an exercise program that will help you recover from Covid at home.

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