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Mastitis: how physiotherapy can relieve the insufferable pain

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful experience for many. But for about 1 in 5 breastfeeding women in Australia, the experience is marred by a painful infection called mastitis. It’s the ugly side of breastfeeding that involves redness, swelling and a searing pain so great that mums struggle to feed their babies.

While women are commonly prescribed antibiotics to clear the infection, many are turning to their physiotherapist for relief – in the form of mastitis ultrasound therapy.

Firstly, why do your boobs hurt so much?

The pain and burning sensation felt while breastfeeding, accompanied by hard tissue, reddening, swelling and even fever are all symptoms of mastitis – usually caused by blocked milk ducts. The stagnant milk that is trapped in the breast makes bacteria grow and results in infection.

Some cases of mastitis are mild and pain can be eased by gentle massage to help drain the breast or cold packs to help reduce swelling. Others require antibiotics.

Left untreated, mastitis can lead to a breast abscess which may need to be drained surgically.

Physiotherapists can offer another way to treat mastitis

Many women are turning to their physiotherapist – and ultrasound therapy – to treat their mastitis. Why?

Because ultrasound is quick, does not involved medication, and has been proven effective in soothing inflammatory symptoms.

How does mastitis ultrasound therapy work?

Ultrasound can help to open the ducts and improve circulation. This both reduces the pain and the swelling. How? The sound waves of the ultrasound machine creates a vibration which penetrates the soft tissue. The gentle heat from the vibrations aids to unblock the affected areas.

Ultrasound treatment at New Age Physiotherapy is provided by our trained physiotherapist. It is not painful and most patients experience improvement after one session.

Don’t leave it too long to seek help

As with most conditions, early intervention leads to improved treatment. Physiotherapy ultrasound treatment is most effective if the blocked duct is diagnosed early.

Speak to our experienced physiotherapist to discuss the best treatment option for you. We can also recommend some home exercises to help you with breast drainage too.

To make an appointment for mastitis ultrasound therapy, contact us.

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