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ACL Physio Sydney

Looking for an ACL Physio in Sydney ? Have you suffered from an ACL injury from a sports related or workplace injury ? We are ACL physiotherapists in Sydney’s south west that provide the latest and greatest equipment and ACL physio specialists that can help you get back on  tract as quickly as possible. With the right rehab stages and ACL exercises after surgery, we will help restore your life and get you back on track.

It is a common question that as soon as one of our clients suffers an ACL injury and needs ACL physio that they often and always ask how soon it will be before they can return to active sports. This is immediately after an injury or having followed with surgery.

ACL injuries and even with physio can take time. No two persons are the same and most ACL injuries require at least up to 12 months before you can return to active sports. With a physio program in place and guided exercise, an effective platform is implemented to your road on recovery from an ACL injury.

What Do I Need To Do To Recover From An ACL Injury

Following below is the advice our Sydney ACL physio rehab give to our clients when it comes to recovering from an ACL injury in the quickest possible time to help get you back to living life to the maximum and restoring your daily activities. With the guidance from your ACL physio specialists, you should be able to get back on track ASAP.

How Do I Recover From ACL Surgery As Fast As Possible

Immediately after surgery, the first thing you should be doing is giving your knee some time to settle down with basic range exercises in quads together with compression and ice packs.

  1. Important for knee straightening to 0 degrees
  2. Knee bending up to no more than 125 degrees
  3. ACL strength being able to maintain a straight leg off the ground without any Quadracep lag what so ever.
  4. Reduces swelling to zero
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How Do I Increase Strength and Control Over Neuromuscular Action?

What are the goals in restoring strength to the knee area ? Restoring strength in your muscles, co-ordination and balance are the primary goals always to getting your knee to function properly. All this basically commences from simple body weight exercises, light weight training and is all done for in preparation with the an overall aim in mind to get you running again and restore you agility back to normal.

How To Get Stared in This ACL Recovery Process :

  • Straightening the knee equally to opposite sides
  • Bending you knee to plus 125 degrees
  • Maintains zero swelling
  • Must be able to hold and maintain alignment during a leg squat.
  • Single leg bridge exercises : At Least 20 repetitions and 90% compared with other side
  • Single calf raise exercises : At Least 20 repetitions and 90% compared with other side
  • Side Bridge Endurance test : Must have at least 30 seconds and 90% compared with other side
  • Single Leg squat exercises: Must have at least 22 repetitions and 90% compared with opposite side
  • Single Leg Press 1.5 x Body weight – (at least 15 reps of body weight exercises)

How Do I Restore My Agility Running And Landing Ability ?

ACL physio involves a lot of preparation in restoring your ability to be able to use your knee again to full potential. This step in ACL physio sees an exercise program to running and change of direction preparation. By the time you arrive to this stage, you knee should be pain free and your rest sessions monitored regularly by our physio specialists. Preparation here involving sporting drills should be well under control and ability restored before moving onto the next step of recovery.

  • Testing your ability to be able to hop effectively
  • A single hop test with an ability of 90 plus % compared to the opposite side
  • Must be able to attempt a triple crossover hop 90 plus percent to the opposite side
  • A standard triple hop of 90 plus percent compared to your opposite siude.
  • A side hop test of 90 plus percent compared to the opposite side.
  • Must be able to do a single leg press 1.8 times of your own body weight.
  • Must be able to squat 1.8 times of your own body weight

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Returning To Sporting And Work Activities

From here on depending on your progression with your ACL recovery plan and how well you have improved, we take into account whether you feel you are ready to return to your daily sports or work activities. If you have injured your ACL, had an ACL operation and are looking for post operation ACL Physiotherapy, as your ACL Physio in Sydney, we can help you recover quicker with our Sydney physio experts.

Returning To Active Sports After Recovery Of An ACL Injury

After how many months of ACL physio and recovety and use of your leg, we will determine if you are strong enough to be able to return to active sports without any risk of you possibly re-injuring your ACL. ACL injury doesn’t recover quickly and can take months, especially after surgery to restore the damaged area. We will subjectively and objectively determine if you are strong enough to return to sport s activity and if we can determine you are fit enough, you will be given the all clear to return to your favorite sports. With the latest in physio technology and quite clearly the best ACL physio experts in Sydney, we will have you back on your feet in no time running and back into your sports and work activities. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you get back on your feet, give us a call today on 4774 8881 or contact us

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